“More Than Stretch” – the Video


More Than Stretch™ is a mind-body workout, drawing upon many disciplines (Click here to order):

• Yoga

• Pilates

  1. Basic daily stretches

  2. Postural & balance systems

  3. Relaxation techniques

  4. Strengthening movements

  5. Rebuilding and maintaining a healthy back


More Than Stretch

DVD: 57  Minutes. $24.95 Now $19.95

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People of all ages and with various abilities enjoy and benefit from this routine, particularly active older adults and seniors*. Move at your own pace, to beautiful music, and after this class you’ll feel like you’ve given yourself a massage from head-to-toe. The “More Than Stretch” method, which is endorsed by doctors, is distributed in DVD and VHS format throughout the U.S. and Canada (Note: VHS may be out of stock, and will not be replenished -- please call to confirm and for pricing, before ordering).

One of the keys to life is to keep moving, especially as we age. When you Discover “Successful Aging” you will improve your odds for good health. This fitness and wellness routine has been designed specifically for older adults and active seniors. Whether you are 45 or 85, this is a safe, enjoyable and easy-to-do fitness program.

The system serves many purposes. You may choose to utilize this routine as your only workout. I certainly encourage people to add an aerobic exercise. It can be as simple as taking a walk, but many clients choose to add running, biking, tennis, swimming, etc. It’s an ideal practice as the stepping-stone to an overall fitness program after rehabilitation (such as physical therapy following surgery or cardiac rehab). Many people choose this method as a maintenance program for stretching, balance, flexibility, good posture and back care.

Stretch Band: For an added benefit we suggest purchasing the fitness band– it's the perfect thickness and weight for the ideal movement. Fitness bands can also be used for other types of exercises. Look for the booklet in the near future, which will show you how to utilize the bands for resistant training (building bone and muscle). The Stretch Band is available is two different weights. (Click here to order)

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Specifications: DVD running time: 57 minutes

Charlotte Michos, MS, RN, CNS, CLNC®, the designer and director of Ageless and Moving, heard from her members, who often travel for extended periods, that they really missed being able to do the program when they were away. The most popular class, More Than Stretch™, is the routine that can be done in the privacy of one’s home, without the need for the facilities of a gym.

Charlotte’s audio CD, “Relaxation Breathing”™, a peaceful, quiet, guided breathing and relaxation program for mental, physical & spiritual health.

The “More Than Stretch” video is offered on DVD (and VHS, while they last) is also sold through various specialty distributors, such as “Aquarius Productions”, which specializes in the health field (in addition to its use as an exercise video, health professionals purchase this product as a teaching tool for rehabilitation purposes), and “Library Bound”, a Canadian distributor that supplies to libraries internationally.

“More Than Stretch” received the coveted “Recommended!” review from Booklist, the magazine of the American Library Association. It is notable that traditional as well as alternative health care providers use and endorse the video.

*Note: Always consult your doctor before beginning any fitness program.