What People Say


Ageless and Moving™ and More Than Stretch™ to put it simply, really work.

Below are some comments by our clients, and others, in their own words.

[Testimonials for Ageless and Moving™ and More Than Stretch™, used by permission.]

“I am from London, England, and have just bought your “More Than Stretch” DVD... I had to write and say it is so good, really enjoyable, thanks. I would like to know, do you do a relaxation CD? I really enjoy the relaxation part of More Than Stretch; your voice is so relaxing. Please let me know.”

    – Ms. Susan N., London

“You should be proud of your program.  I passed the physical and breathing tests at the Framingham Heart Study with flying colors.  Two of my breathing tests showed between 104% and 109% for my age group and I was proud and told them about your classes.  I too take the test 3 times and didn't have to take any extras as so many others do.  They were amazed and I've lost 10 pounds since my last visit.  I hate missing my classes but sometimes things just have a habit of happening.  I am wearing an accelerometer for a couple of days as well.  It'll be interesting what kind of results this may show.  It was an interesting experience and amazing as to how the examination has changed.  I did participate in the CT scan as well after all and don't regret it at all. Thank you Charlotte and thank you Chris,  I am so very grateful.”

    – Wendy Livingston

"This video features exercises that are great for stretching and strengthening, are easy to follow and well demonstrated by the instructor, Charlotte Michos. It is also perfectly suited to its target audience. I would, and do, recommend it to my patients." 

    – Dr. Michelle Abis, M.D.

“After surgery on my shoulder and physical therapy, the “More Than Stretch” program helped me achieve my full range of motion, and restored my ability to get back to doing all the things I love to do.”

    – Lia Grasso, age 61.

“I began the “More Than Stretch” class after two years of barely functioning, due to severe back pain. Miraculously, it changed my life. Among other things, I am back in my woodworking shop, and enjoying life again. It is one of the best things I have ever done.”

    – Dr. Joel Weinberg (retired), age 76.

“I started the stretch class a couple of years ago, because I needed more exercise during the winter months. It has improved my posture, and the last time I had a bone density test, my bone mass had improved. It’s also fun!”

    – Frances Gaddipati, age 66

“This is a great program that restores health and energy, and also helps with regaining emotional balance. The well-chosen music is an important component of the routine.”

    – Dr. Irma Brownfield, Licensed Psychologist

“I have been a member of “Ageless and Moving” since 1990. The “More Than Stretch” class is my favorite. It’s hard to believe that these simple stretching exercises can actually give you a feeling of well being, and improve your range of motion. All of the positions are easy to do and you can progress at your own rate. This video is like being in the class, but you can do the exercises in your living room.”

    – Ted Martin, age 78

"As a Chairperson of Nursing for Graduate and Undergraduate Students, a Faculty member and a Nurse Practitioner I have found this video to be an excellent resource for faculty, students, colleagues, and citizens of all ages. The video is informative and promotes a very positive way to integrate activity, movement and exercise into an individual's lifestyle. This video is an excellent tool for students, and faculty. Ms. Michos has created a very positive approach for healthy aging with realistic suggestions and strategies – ‘Highly Recommended’. (PS: I also shared the video with one of the accreditation visitors from the Midwest who is a geriatric nurse practitioner and she thought it was great!)”

    – Dr. Glenda Kelman, the Sage Colleges, Troy, NY

“Thanks to you and this class for keeping me pain free.”

    – Irene Castle

“At age 80, I consider this fitness program to be a ‘Fountain of Youth’. Working out with others who care about the health of their bodies is most encouraging and fun!”

    – Barbara Bielenberg, age 80

“It has improved my balance, as I had hoped.”

    – Harvey P.

“I had a frozen shoulder, but with the combination of “More Than Stretch” and acupuncture, I can now fully move my shoulder. I can do more now than when I was thirty.”

    – Jan B., “ageless” senior

“It has has been a great experience for mind, body and spirit – this program definitely enriches my quality of life, and has kept me in shape to varying degrees in all three categories. Ageless and Moving has been a wonderful discovery – in the second half of life, experiencing the joy of movement while keeping oneself fit and healthy! My fourth year and I look forward to many, many more.”

    – Rochelle Sacharow, age 65

“I have noticed a big improvement in balance and equal distribution of strength.”

    – Wendy Livingston

”Warm, friendly, non-competitive atmosphere; flexibility & strength-training all-in-one. This program is more beneficial than anything I’ve tried before, including yoga and exercise machines. I love it.”

   – Margaret Feldman

”My back is in better shape now than it has been for years.”

    – 60 year-old male client

“I love the strength/stretch class combination; it is very efficient with time and movement. I also love Tai chi – both have greatly improved my balance, strength and lessened the discomfort associated with arthritis.”

    – Barbara K.

“You have helped my balance immensely; starting to tone my body to a point where I feel good about myself.”

    – Terri V.

“This program (routine) has been more beneficial than physical therapy.”

    – 52 year-old male client

“As a nine-year veteran of ‘Ageless and Moving’, I can say that the enormous benefits only continue to get better. It is an outstanding regimen for helping back and balance problems and building strength. Charlotte Michos is an outstanding instructor – extremely knowledgeable, attentive and helpful – and generous with her time and ideas, and even attending to individual needs.”

    – Nicholas Sgarro, age 81

“If I didn’t have this routine, I wouldn’t be able to do any physical activity.”

    – 56 year-old female client

“Hi, I am from London, England and have just bought your “More Than Stretch” DVD. I had to write and say that it is so good, really enjoyable, thanks.”

    – SN, London

“I want to thank you for all your help and inspiration. Without the Ageless & Moving program and its enthusiastic and fearless leader (YOU), I would have never gotten my butt off the couch and into the gym. You listened to me and understood the goals that I wanted to achieve. You accommodated my independent effort and scattered interests. My doctor is going to fall over when I go for my annual physical later this month. I have lost 30 pounds and increased my weight-training, flexibility and cardiac output, and I can now swim 45- 60 minutes at a time in my lake. Most of all you reminded me that I have always loved to exercise. If you stick with it, the payback is tremendous!  THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

    – Eileen Peters

“I’ve done yoga all of my life, but your program adds the things that benefit me now, and help keep me ‘on the go’. I want you to know how meaningful you are in my life. Your exercises make all the difference in my day, in fact every day.”

    - Ruth Eng, age 91 (Note: Our dear friend Ruth passed away this Fall 2010, at the age of 93. She was a wonderful, vibrant lady, and we miss her dearly.)


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